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Firms of all sizes benefit from the cloud

Firms of all sizes benefit from the cloud

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The trend of cloud computing continuing to break into the mainstream shows no signs of slowing down in 2013 and firms of all sizes are looking to get on board with the technology.

Although cloud solutions can be especially attractive to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as it offers them a cost-effective way to obtain advanced capabilities that may otherwise have been beyond their reach, even some of the world’s largest corporations are recognising there are benefits to be had from making the transition.

One such organisation is oil giant Shell. It was noted recently by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) that the company has enthusiastically embraced cloud solutions throughout its operations, from routine applications to the processes at the very core of its sprawling IT infrastructure.

The publication noted Shell is the world’s largest firm in terms of revenue, so it could easily afford to build all the private data centres it needs if it had wished. But the decision to opt instead for cloud-based solutions demonstrates just how widespread this technology has become and that it can now play a key role in any business.

In fact, the WSJ noted Shell’s reasons for turning to the cloud are very similar to those of SMEs – namely greater flexibility, lower costs, better resiliency against problems such as natural disasters and the ability to test new technologies without the need for long-term commitments or substantial disruption to their operations.

Although security remains a key concern, Shell stated that with the proper precautions, cloud computing can be just as safe as other alternatives.

Johan Krebber, Shell group IT architect and lead architect for the Projects and Technology Business, said: «For every application, we look at whether the cloud can be used and at that moment we look at all aspects, including security. When all criteria are met we will launch on the cloud and therefore we believe that the cloud is secure enough for a number of scenarios.»

With even the world’s largest companies embracing the cloud, now may be the perfect time for businesses of all sizes to see what they’re missing out on if they haven’t yet looked at the tools.

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