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Five benefits of cloud computing

Five benefits of cloud computing

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If you’re thinking of updating your IT solutions, here are five reasons why you should be considering the cloud.

1. The ability to access data from anywhere on any connected device

Flexible working is becoming increasingly popular and with the increased adoption of smartphones and tablets, employees are demanding to be able to access their key applications wherever they are.

If all key data is stored on the cloud, rather than on in-house servers, users can always gain access to the latest files – all they need is an internet connection. In addition, cloud-based tools such as NetSuite and Box have apps available for platforms such as iOS and Android to provide users with a strong mobile experience.

2. Up-to date IT software

Keeping up with the latest versions and upgrades for an on-premise system can be time-consuming for many businesses, particularly those that have small IT departments working with limited resources.

With cloud services, this is all taken care of.  As part of a subscription with a cloud solution provider, new updates or patches are applied to your operations as and when they become available, allowing you to take advantage of the latest features and innovations.

3. Low IT maintenance costs

For firms that are still running their own systems in-house, maintenance can often be a big drain on their resources in terms of time and money. Cloud Software-as-a-Service applications are hosted and managed by a provider which means that businesses can leave the maintenance and system updates in the hands of their partner.

Having this all taken care of means the IT department can spend more of their time focusing on activities that can add value to their businesses, rather than just keeping on top of the solutions that are already in place.

4. Scalability

For growing firms, it is vital to find an IT solution that is able to scale and expand along with their business and this is where cloud-based tools can help.

Growing businesses will often have to deal with more data from a variety of different sources and, if firms are still using outdated manual processes or on-premise solutions, it will be a struggle to manage this.

Cloud-based solutions scale up effortlessly, so no matter how quick your business grows your IT can keep up with minimal effort and investment. They can also offer a range of real-time dashboards and monitoring tools that can keep on top of all aspects of your business. Whether you’re expanding to new locations or moving into previously untried markets, being able to access all your data in one place from a simple-to-use interface brings with it huge benefits.

5. Faster deployment

Cloud-based solutions can typically be deployed in half the time that it would take to roll out an on-premise or in-house solution, therefore causing less disruption to your business. They are also easy to customise and scale up effortlessly to suit the differing needs of your business.

For more information on how cloud services such as NetSuite and Box could boost your business, please get in touch with one of our experts.

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