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The benefits of being a cloud pacesetter

The benefits of being a cloud pacesetter

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The importance of getting on board quickly with cloud computing has been revealed by a new study that shows how the positives of utilising this technology can be felt throughout every aspect of an organisation.

IBM’s «Under Cloud Cover: How Leaders are Accelerating Competitive Differentiation» report shows that firms with a full understanding of the cloud are frequently able to serve customers in new ways and overhaul their business models, giving them a huge advantage over companies that are still using legacy on-premise systems.

For companies in the services sector, this may come from being able to streamline activities and manage resources more effectively, ensuring that customers are always able to access their expertise quickly. Or it might mean being able to spot gaps in the industry and bring new services to market before competitors are even aware of the opportunity.

The study, by IBM’s Center for Applied Insights, split cloud users into three categories. At the top are pacesetters, who have deployed cloud on a broad scale and are seeing strong competitive differentiation. Behind this are challengers – who are on a par with pacesetters in terms of improved efficiency, but lag on market responsiveness – and chasers, who are still getting to grips with the technology.

It found the benefits of being in the pacesetters group are clear across all operational areas. For instance, 61 per cent of these firms said the cloud makes it easier to collaborate on projects, by connecting the right personnel and experts with each other throughout the ecosystem. Only 34 per cent of chasers said they were able to leverage their most knowledgeable professionals in this way.

Almost six out of ten pacesetters said they have been able to reinvent their relationships with customers through their use of the cloud, compared with just 46 per cent of challengers and a quarter of chasers. Other ways in which pacesetters are ahead of their rivals include the sharing of critical data, how they derive insights from their information and the way they build on and improve their business models.

If you would like to know more about how the cloud can transform every aspect of your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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