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The future of eCommerce

The future of eCommerce

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Over the past five years, eCommerce has grown at a super-fast pace and according to analysts, that trend is only set to continue.

eCommerce in the UK

In the UK, the future e-commerce market will be driven by purchases made with a tablet or smartphone. However, Forrester’s European Online Retail Forecast predicts that the rate of growth will begin to slow in coming years, placing pressure on local retailers to optimise and innovate in order to stay competitive.

Despite this, online sales in the country are expected to grow by ten per cent each year to reach a total of €64 billion (£54 billion) – up from €49 billion in 2012.

eCommerce in Europe

In Europe, online shopping is becoming increasingly mainstream in countries right across the continent, according to Forrester.

Thanks to this trend, the market research group believes eCommerce sales within the region will reach €191 billion by 2017.

Martin Gill, Forrester principal analyst, said: “While online sales in Europe will fall short of the European Commission’s ambition to create a single digital market, online growth will still outstrip offline growth.»

«eCommerce will naturally come to be regarded as more and more critical to national economies,» he added.

What’s driving growth?

Bricks and mortar retailers are getting better at multi-channel offerings, with options such as collecting or returning online purchases in store. This is just a handful of ways they’re creating an omni-channel experience for consumers and spurring on eCommerce.

Personalisation also helps, which is way providing consumers with one account where they can access everything is much easier and satisfying than expecting consumers to navigate lots of different channels at the same time. In this way they can view and review purchase, see what’s in stock and more.

It’s therefore essential for retailers to adapt their strategy in order to meet these expectations – in which case, many firms are likely to need a major overhaul of their systems so they can offer a solid eCommerce platform.

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