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No two business are equal. Specific industries and business sectors require specific solutions. To meet your needs, we have partnered some of the best cloud-based, NetSuite’s integrated technology. All products work on any browser-enabled, internet-connected device, regardless of the operating system or device you use. The result is a completely scalable package that meets all your requirements.

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Simplify your financial close

Trintech’s Adra Suite of Solutions allows you to replace cumbersome spreadsheets and error-prone manual tasks throughout the entire reconciliation process. You can trust your numbers, free up time, and close faster by putting Finance Managers and their staff back in control with full real-time visibility, accuracy, and compliance.

How Adra Enhances NetSuite Funcionality

The Adra Suite of Solutions by Trintech work in NetSuite to automate and streamline month end close work, improve accuracy, reduce risk, and better manage the detailed process of the financial close.

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Key Benefits

Adra by Trintech delivers three products that work together to automate and streamline month-end close work, improve accuracy and reduce risk, and better manage the detailed process of the financial close with NetSuite. The Adra Suite of Solutions seamlessly integrates with NetSuite, allowing you to close faster with confidence.

NoBlue Features and Key Benefits

Period End Reconcilation
Adra Balancer streamlines and digitizes the financial close Balance Sheet reconciliation process.

NoBlue Features and Key Benefits

Transaction Matching
Adra Matcher begins the process of optimizing your financial close by replacing the time-consuming, repetitive task of transaction matching with automation.

NoBlue Features and Key Benefits

Streamlining the financial close and other processes
Adra Task Manager is purpose-built for finance teams and for recurring processes. It’s designed to make it easy to create, build and manage world-class processes.

What Makes Adra Unique?

The Adra Suite of Solutions is built for small and mid-sized companies. Its intuitive design ensures that each product is easy to learn and use. Since the entire suite is centrally hosted in the cloud, you can take advantage of our software as a service (SaaS) solution that is easy to implement, lower cost than traditional software deployment and scalable.

Aumente la Eficiencia y Agilidad de su Empresa con NoBlue

Trabajamos en estrecha colaboración con todos nuestros clientes, no solo para comprender mejor las necesidades específicas de su negocios, sino también para crear una solución a medida, diseñada para incrementar la agilidad y eficiencia en áreas clave. Nos preocupamos por su éxito y seguimos haciéndolo años después de la implementación, siempre disponibles para ofrecer mantenimiento, soporte o formación adicional.

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Looking for an automated period close and reconciliation?

If you would like to know more about the NetSuite or Adra product, one of our consultants would be happy to speak with you at a time that suits you by either phone or email.

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